#7: Long-time, Zero Come across = Ohisashiburi Desu ???????

#7: Long-time, Zero Come across = Ohisashiburi Desu ???????

  • Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu ????????????? (much more formal)
  • Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ?????????? (formal)
  • Dozo yoroshiku ??????? (smaller specialized)
  • Yoroshiku ???? (casual)


Dozo is obvious doh-zoh. Be sure to continue the original “oh” sound a little while (you can observe it’s got this new range a lot more than it to suggest this).

Yoroshiku is also noticable quite merely: yoh-roh-shee-koo. Remember that the brand new “r” sound in the Japanese is quite different from new English “roentgen.” It’s similar to a mix between an “roentgen,” “l,” and you will “d” (exactly like just how North americans pronounce the fresh “d” sound when you look at the “ladder” or the “t” sound inside “better”).


  • This can be a go-in order to terminology to have Japanese anybody, since it matches many kinds regarding situations. It’s a respectful (and asked) solution to thank some body beforehand in order to target some one your provides simply fulfilled (“Sweet in order to satisfy you”).
  • It is well-known to say this terms when you’re bowing (formal) or offering a head nod and you can a grin (shorter specialized), particularly when fulfilling someone the very first time.

The newest allowed ohisashiburi desu ??????? is the greatest interpreted since “Long-time, no find!” It’s also interpreted due to the fact “It has been a little while.” This is actually the terminology you utilize once you have not seen anyone for the a long time; you simply can’t put it to use when meeting someone for the first time. (more…)